We believe in the potential of every student. We believe teachers deserve more time to teach. And we believe, with the right tools, everything is possible.

With affordable, easy-to-manage Windows 10 devices, schools are seeing: 


Increase Learning Outcomes

More Time for Teaching (Less on Administrative Work)

Simplify Setup and Reduce Costs

  • Increase reading and language skills with personalized tools for learning
  • Develop coding and problem-solving skills that ignite interest in STEM
  • Spark creativity with the most immersive and intuitive 3D, VR/AR and inking experiences
  • Stay organized with integrated planning tools
  • Easily find and distribute content with a single, digital hub built for collaboration
  • Measure each student’s progress and keep them on track through data and analytics
  • Stretch your budget with more choices at affordable prices
  • Set up a classroom in under an hour and easily manage devices, users, and apps
  • Make the most of class time with secure, reliable devices

When Learning is Personalized, Every Student Achieves

Students need personalization, not automation. Find out how teachers are nurturing every student to be confident, self-directed learners with Microsoft Education.